7 Reasons to Have Faith in RIM

Written by admin on July 26, 2011 – 10:50 am -

#1. BlackBerry PlayBook Becomes First Tablet Certified for U.S. Government.

Yes, no other tablet (android/ipad/HP Web OS) is actually allowed to be used for US Government work. With about 2.0 million civilian employees, the Federal Government, excluding the Postal Service, is the Nation’s largest employer.

#2. BlackBerry is now the UK’s biggest smartphone vendor as the youth market spurred its growth over the busy Christmas period, with over 500,000 handsets sold in December alone.

#3. Shares of Research In Motion were up 1.8% in early trading Tuesday, one day after the BlackBerry maker said it would eliminate 2,000 jobs and shake up its executive ranks.

#4. Jim Balsillie, the other co-CEO of RIM, said there are seven devices coming in the next few months with the new OS. He made this announcement at the company’s annual shareholders meeting where a delay to the firm’s Blackberry 7 OS was confirmed. The official RIM account tweeted today:

“You got it! New #BlackBerry devices are coming w/ our new OS, BlackBerry 7! Check back tmrw 4 deets on #BB7FanNight. ^CH” on Twitter.

#5. Against a fairly recent wave of new rivals, RIM still holds on to a 17 per cent share of the global smartphone market. RIM is debt-free and sitting on over $2 billion in cash to finance new and improved products..

#6. RIM innovates harder than the big Apple Inc. in the level of its R&D spending. Apple’s $1.8 billion in R&D covers last year, spread across several initiatives including the iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and the retail store iTunes — equalled only 2.7 per cent of total revenues.

RIM’s $1.4 billion in R&D expenses spent entirely on mobility products equalled 6.8 per cent of total sales.

#7. For many mobile users, scared by recent privacy violations at the likes of Apple, Amazon and Sony, RIM’s industry-leading emphasis on privacy protection is the real killer app. To this day, RIM’s security remains unmatched in the mobile industry.

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The Blackberry Playbook – Tablet Released

Written by admin on September 28, 2010 – 1:35 pm -

So, the long fabled gadget is finally about to show up in stores very soon. The thing’s almost like a pegasus, a mystical creature that no one’s really sure that it existed, but now, we very much know it does! However, what’s truly sad is that they are so slow to market – slow to leaking it – that I’m not sure if it stand’s a chance.

share-playbook24,000 likes on the first day of being announced. 24 hours later, after being leaked via email to all blackberry registered owners (which if you know the registration process – not every owner even found out because it’s not easy!).

It’s a really cool device, I’m very excited about hearing about it, but truth be known… After the two storm devices and the Torch releasing… We already know Blackberry makes a stunning and brilliantly designed utilitarian business tool, but I’m not sure if their entertainment tool will do all they claim well.

Especially if they continue to pack that 624Mhz Marvel ARM chip in there!!!!!!

(UPDATE! Here are the specs to the Blackberry Playbook Tablet)

Full computing power in a tablet format
1 GHz dual-core processor
Symmetrical dual-core processing

Rapid development environment
Reliable BlackBerry Tablet OS, powered by QNX technology
Supports POSIX OS, SMP, Open GL, BlackBerry® 6, WebKit, Adobe® Flash®, Java® and Adobe Mobile AIR

Out-of-the-box compatibility with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server
Seamless pairing for a secure window into your BlackBerry® smartphone
3G access via existing BlackBerry smartphone service plan
Corporate data access
Secure and manageable

3 MP high definition forward-facing camera
5 MP high definition rear-facing camera
Codec support for superior media playback, creation and video calling
1080p HD video; H.264, MPEG4, WMV HDMI video output
Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and DLNA media streaming

Crystal clear HD display
Rich stereo sound

On-screen keyboard
True multi-tasking

Ideal for games, media, apps and everything the real Internet offers
Full Adobe® Flash® 10.1 enabled
Built-in support for HTML 5
No-compromise, beautiful rendering of text, graphics and video

7″ LCD display, 1024 x 600 screen resolution
5.1″ x 7.6″ x 0.4″ (130mm x 194mm x 10mm)
0.9 lbs (400g)
Built-in microUSB connector
Multi-touch capacitive screen
Wi-Fi® 802.11 a/b/g/n

With these specs, I guess we now know why they were so brazen as to launch a cell phone with a 624mhz chip in a world of 1ghz+ cell phones. I imagine the execs at RIM were probably thinking… We’ll give you a 1ghz blackberry in a tablet… Why worry about your phone. One thing I do like about this unit is the fact that it pairs with your cell phone for internet. This makes complete sense. After all, are you ever going to be without your cell phone? NOPE! Why pay for two data plans? I can see RIM thinking why put all that processing power into a small unit like a cell phone anyway? While I don’t totally agree I can see the concept.


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E-Mobile Live Aquarium – Fish tank for Bold 9700?

Written by admin on January 26, 2010 – 5:52 pm -


The E-mobile Live Aquarium is certainly a sight to be seen, and can easily rival anything Bplay’s got going on for their saltwater app. This is a must see… Like having your own fish tank right on the screen. Impressive and shocking color and animation with no slow down. Breathtaking graphics… Any Bold user who loves to show off will really like this one.

These guys also make these too:

e-Mobile Live Deep Sea
e-Mobile Live Windmill
e-Mobile Live Spring
e-Mobile Live Waterfall
e-Mobile Live Seashore
e-Mobile Live Halloween
e-Mobile Live Night Sky
e-Mobile Live Sky
e-Mobile Live Lake
e-Mobile Live Snow
e-Mobile Live Bird
e-Mobile Live Butterfly
e-Mobile Live City
e-Mobile Live Stream

e-Mobile Live Deep Sea

e-Mobile Live Windmill

e-Mobile Live Spring

e-Mobile Live Waterfall

e-Mobile Live Seashore

e-Mobile Live Halloween

e-Mobile Live Night Sky

e-Mobile Live Sky

e-Mobile Live Lake

e-Mobile Live Snow

e-Mobile Live Bird

e-Mobile Live Butterfly

e-Mobile Live City

e-Mobile Live Stream

Download E-Mobile Fish Tank Today!

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Blackberry Wireless Presenter Caught On Video

Written by admin on January 13, 2010 – 5:37 pm -

Thanks to Crackberry, the Blackberry Presenter was completely demoed at CES 2010 and on display for all to see. Seriously check it out, it’s actually a really neat video. The interesting thing is that each presenter has a unique ID so you could actually run several at once. Shows all the animations it’s capable of and more.

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Our New Opt-In Offer – Free Report!

Written by admin on January 5, 2010 – 10:55 am -

Yblackberry-coveryou may have noticed the free report on the right hand side of the screen here.  This report is free to all who receive the newsletter… Once you sign up, you’ll be asked to confirm your email address, after which you’ll receive the report in an email.

Don’t feel obligated though, you can just as easily un-subscribe if you wished. However, since we only send newsletters once per month, you’d probably find it hard to come up with a good excuse to unsubscribe.

What are the 7 secrets we cover in the book?

#1. How to escape your contract
#2. How to track down your phone if it’s stolen
#3. How to borrow internet from your cell phone (tether) your Blackberry
#4. The Flashlight application, why buy it?
#5. VOIP on your Blackberry, making cheaper calls (Skype)
#6. Backing up and restoring 3rd party applications & programs
#7. Secret Codes – how to find hidden areas of your Blackberry.

Now, to the experts out there… I know these aren’t all crazy secrets… But to the average user they can be.  I hope at least one part of the report gives you something you didn’t have already, and if it does, then it was worth the free signup – even if you decide to unsubscribe.

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What Type Of Blackberry User Are You?

Written by admin on December 31, 2009 – 4:15 pm -

Read this for a good laugh, pass it on to friends! –> The facebook and twitter buttons on the right there will send someone only this page, not the whole blog.

A Socialite?


You admit it! You’ve text messaged someone and emailed while driving. You’re always on your blackberry… Thewhole reason you bought your blackberry can be summed up with Text Message & Facebook, but the email feature and phone feature are kinda nice too. There’s things you just can’t talk about on the phone that are easily discussed via text message or email. You’ve planned an entire week via text message and everyone knows that calling is pointless… Blackberry messenger is your MSN of choice. Yup, you’re the reason textsfromlastnight.com exists!

A News Junkie?

If the world came crashing down tomorrow, you’d know about it before anyone! Yes1245130_newspaper_boy, you must have the info fix… Info snacking comes in 3 main flavors for you… Old Info (Aka books), Newer information (blogs) and instant access to what happened 5 minutes ago! RSS & Twitter… You’re currently subscribed to 30 blogs and always adding new ones and deleting old ones that don’t post at least 5 new postings per day. I think you’d probably face a heart attack if Blackberry data ever went down. The day of the last outage, you realized how slow and repetitive AM News radio is!

A Business User?


Your email may never get read, you’ve never seen a game on your Blackberry screen… But chills run up your spine if you haven’t checked your stocks. Oh yes, those precious pennies going up and down gives you an adrenaline rush that most drugstores can’t sell without a prescription, aren’t you glad Blackberries have the best trading apps on the market?

You’re addicted to reading about VC’s and Mergers and buzz words like “economy”, your wife probably asks you to stop looking at it when you’re in the movies and gets mad when she realizes you haven’t heard a word she said all day…but Google’s up $3.80! You can quote more than 30 stock symbols for major companies!

Email Junkie873928_junk_mail_2

Yes, the addiction to checking your email every few seconds was so intense, so strong that you opted for BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) over Gmail a few weeks back. You pull your blackberry out of your pocket every few minutes and when you see that red flashing light, you can actually feel your heart jump… It might be clients, friends, or that junk you posted for sale on Craigslist, but either way, you gotta know right now!!!

The stupid thing is, you read spam when you’re bored! Admit it!

My Other Phone’s a Nokia…1080889_cellphone

Some hardcore Blackberry users would call you a sellout! You use your Blackberry for work, but when the whistle blows at 5pm you put that thing away and it’s family time. You’re the guy that Blackberry Addicts despise! I mean, you control the device, you don’t let it control you! You never check your email in the evening, why don’t you respond?! You don’t text either? Your primary cell phone has no options, no QWERTY keyboard or anything! How do you live with yourself? In fact, If you’re reading this and you peg this as your type… You’re probably looking for a fix to something stopping you from work.. Look at your watch! It’s before 5pm, isn’t it! Take that Blackberry home… Watch a movie tonite, reach out and text someone!

Learn about some crazy blackberry secrets, sign up to our newsletter and get better acquainted with your smartphone today!

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What can a Blackberry Bold 9700 do that iPhones can’t?

Written by admin on December 28, 2009 – 1:51 pm -

I know people ask this all the time, and while most people don’t really know the answer, or think it’s a cheesy question ASSUMING that iPhones can do EVERYTHING a Blackberry can do (and they’re wrong…) Please, stand by for the ULTIMATE…

10 Things iPhones Can’t Do, But Blackberries CAN!

#1. BRIGHT Flash light using the Camera’s flash left on…

No iPhone users, apps that turn your entire screen white cannot replace a 13 foot light that’s even powerful enough to fix your car in the pitch-black dark! Yes, our flashlight apps just leave the camera flash on indefinitely, but the blackberry camera light is so bright, it could cause eyeball damage and can lead people to safety… It sounds cheesy, but it really does impress people to have a light that bright that doubles as your phone.

#2. Color changing LED lights…

Yes, there’s one little LED light on the phone that usually reminds us our battery is low, or gives us the heart pumping jitters that there’s a new E-mail (Oh, joy!), but it’s actually capable of 7+ different shades of color! This little handy app can cause the LED to go various shades and no… it’s not slightly red green or blue, it’s the full color! Pretty cool that you can control it to a sexy blue color when your girlfriend calls or an annoying red alert when your boss calls.

#3. A Real Keyboard!

Sheah, who cares right? You see those nerds touch typing at high speeds and you see their bubbly keyboard letters bouncing up as they type and wanna join the crowd? Hold up there partner! iPhone users have tested to find an average of 33 WPM (words per minute) typing speeds on their phones. Blackberry phones average 45 to 60 WPM without LOOKING!! Being a physical keyboard with real buttons a Blackberry typist can look around, and even watch TV while pounding out their message… But the human brain just can’t do that on a piece of glass!

#4. Bold 9700s battery lasts longer then an iPhone…

Yes… If you’ve read reports about the new iPhone 3.1 battery problems, you know there’s something up when a Bold 9700 can play music for 39  hours straight and an iPhone… Just can’t! Isn’t this thing made by the same folks who make the iPod? LOL… 39 hours not just playing music, but with Wifi ON, Radio ON, taking emails, calls and SMS for 39 hours!

#5. Removable Memory

Yes, you may never need to if you buy a 32GB card, but Walmart and other stores photo departments don’t yet have iPhone plug jacks on the front of their machines. Want prints? Better have removable media… Now that’s convenient!

#6. Removable Battery

Ok, so you really wanna go mega hours without having to re-charge? How about that trip thru the amazon where you’d still like to use your phone for GPS!? Buy 2 batteries… Can’t do that with an iPhone.. Yes – you can get external battery things that dangle from the bottom, but what fun is that? And how much fun is it when the internal one dies? Don’t imagine it’s fun!

#7. Drop the debate.. Drop the two phones!

Yes, I’ve dropped my blackberry on the concrete floor in my garage while working on the Porsche… from 4 feet up! Major impacts, with minor scratches and zero real concerns and years later without incident on my Bold 9000 and even the Bold 9700 has taken some major 3+ feet up to concrete without any problems. Sure beats having a solid glass faced device like the iPhone which is heavily prone to cracking and smashing. Blackberries are very indestructible.\

#8. Blackberries Use Standard Connectors

In a pinch? In a weird country? Your local electronic hut might not have the connector to charge or USB cable to sync your data in a tight squeeze if you need an iPhone one. Blackberries use standard connectors that have been around for ages and not their own specialized 30 pin thing.

#9. An Iphone Doesn’t Have The Pixels Bold 9700’s Do

Blackberry Bold 9700 devices are 480×360 resolution… Straight outta the box… iPhone devices are 480×320 (yes it’s being nit-picky) but hey, high resolution graphics are the in thing, right?

#10. Blackberries Are Military Grade

Military Grade encryption and are used by the CIA, FBI, Whitehouse, Congress, Department of Defense, Navy, Army and anyone else who needs something they can count on in an emergency… Can you expect that from an iPhone? Nope!

** Update ** 12/29/2009 – This actually stirred a lot more debate than I thought it would and there’s definitely alot more reasons to like Blackberry Bold 9700 (and similar) devices than I would have expected…

Things like Data Compression! Blackberry data is always less than iPhone use… Things like multi-tasking, apparently iPhones don’t do that very well. That’s ok, neither did the original apples! haha… No Jailbreaking, just call AT&T or Rogers and have them unlock your Blackberry! No warranties voided by doing so!

True bluetooth support! (Thanks GMedia!) actual A2DP support. Built in voice dialing, external speakers on the iPhone are too quiet, Blackberries can sync with iTunes… AND every other music application out there! <GRIN>.

One other note, this post wasn’t designed to be an iPhone hater although there was a time when I could have easily called myself that… The purpose of the post was to simply point out to all the iPhone lovers that there are at least 10 things a Blackberry can do than an iPhone can’t. That’s kinda cool. In the end, if I were a hollywood socialite.. I’d probably have an iPhone for parties, and a Blackberry for evening email work… But alas, even hollywood actors like Paris Hilton use Blackberry Bold’s.

Actually, did you know there’s an entire website dedicated to celebrity blackberry sightings? Goodness I had no idea! Cool!!!

Daniel J Deyette

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Nimbuzz offering VOIP Skype to Blackberry Bolds?

Written by admin on December 11, 2009 – 7:07 pm -

That’s what it sounds like, and according to sites like TMCNet, that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s something we’ve all long waited for.. I would have even been happy just having skype chat on my Blackberry and Nimbuzz offers that too!

What’s Nimbuzz?! According to their website:
Nimbuzz Mobile lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go, for free. It combines all your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and more. One login, one contact list, all accounts

So in short yes, it’s about alot more than skype… This thing’s a swiss-army knife to the blackberry community. However, although it really helps keep you connected to all these different communities — I wonder if it can be too distracting…

Crackberry Blog claims that it cannot provide VOIP… and like me, they were disappointed in not seeing Twitter integrated into this package… I also would include linked in into that “wish list”.

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My bold 9700 christmas wish list

Written by admin on November 25, 2009 – 8:46 pm -

free-blackberry-christmas-theme1-thumb1. A bluetooth keyboard
It would be just like having a laptop on hand and long emails at the starbucks would be a joy – well, almost!

2. Handsfree speakerphone
Yes, a bluetooth headset for chatting with ease while driving would be great!

3. Blackberry themes
Yes, Bplay’s deep blue animated one has really caught my eye… And they have gift cards!

4. WIFI finder keychain
Yeah, its not really a blackberry accessory, but with it you could find connections nearby…

5. Colored faceplates
Why not have a different color blackberry bold than everyone else? Sure would turn heads in a conference room or sales meeting to have the only red blackberry there!

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Get the Saltwater Theme from Bplay.com!